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T3 Network Solutions

+44 (0)1332 820 211

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Pricing Structure

Lima provides a clear pricing structure that is open and transparent. You pay for what you need when you need it. Regardless of how may users are registered, only those users who access the system during a calendar month will incur charges; no contracts, no upfront fees, no long term commitments.

*Each active user includes 1 GB of data storage on the Lima Server.

Cost Examples

20 active users, 10 GB of data

  • User Cost (Including 20 GB of storage): £100.00
  • Additional Data: £0.00

20 active users, 30 GB of data

  • User Cost (Including 20 GB of Storage): £100.00
  • Additional Data (10Gb): £5.00

0 active users, 30 GB of data

  • User Cost: £0.00
  • Additional Data (30 GB): £15.00

All prices quoted in the examples exclude VAT.

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T3 Network Solutions

Kedleston House
Prime Business Park
Aspen Drive, Derby
DE21 7SS

Telephone: 01332 820 211

FAX: 0871 522 7675


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